We started out as a small group of wildlife photographers, around a dozen of us at first.  We now have almost 9,000 members worldwide on the Facebook group, and close to 1,000 local members on the MeetUp group.

We're trying to keep this a supportive community that welcomes professional, advanced, and newby photographers.  



Our 3 primary Mission Goals are to:

  1. Behave ethically and protect our photographic subjects
  2. Provide a safe, friendly environment for personal and artistic growth
  3. Help our members reach their artistic goals and aspirations

As part of this Mission, we have established a supportive forum on Facebook, an educational branch on MeetUp, an Art Show branch to help members display their art at local venues, and an online presence to help members display and sell their art.

We're making some big changes, and evolving in some exciting directions; I'm glad you're joining us for this journey!